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Wishing for another blissful holiday… June 21, 2007

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Mooo June 6, 2007

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So here’s the funniest I’ve heard this week.

A superbly good friend, on trying out a strawberry SKL comments:

[drumroll – lots of it actually, she loves the drama and is an expert poser]

“Urgh! It tastes of beef!”



jumbledy June 3, 2007

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It’s all really weird. It doesn’t take much to ruin a mood does it? All it takes is just one fucker, and that’s that isn’t it? I feel drained. It’s probably the heat. Makes you want to add a portable AC to your wishlist eh? Oodles of iced water and fizzy drinks and even litres of juice just don’t seem to help the cause. Sigh! Slight rejuvenation. Wonderful trip, superb people, new friends, lots of sightseeing. And, the best of all, shopping unabashedly for atleast five days straight. Hmmm…I want to go back! Pieces of luscious fruit on oversized toothpicks, lots of chillie and salt. Why don’t we have fruit for sale on the pavement? It’s only achcharu, nothing refreshing. Happy. Reunited, felt like ages. Was a bit unbearable. Daily 10 minute terribly expensive calls just didn’t help the cause. Bored. Aching for something new and exciting. Too much same ol, same ol. A total change sounds nice, new place, new country sounds infectious, but as always is linked to the nonchalant milkmaid. Wait till she spills it all. Sigh.

Tomorrow’s Monday. Back to work. Hundreds of unchecked emails and a towering stack of unread newspapers.

I just love my husband. [grin]