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Shitty PR companies, nosy and obnoxious people August 13, 2007

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Aiyyo, I know I always use this to rant and rave…but this is such a superb vent I tell you.

What’s the deal with PR companies tell me? They claim to get you the best in terms of PR: articles, media publicity, image, etc. But they go and write the shittiest articles, and if you dare to correct their articles, all hell breaks loose. I braved the storm once, and was told that I had no business changing their articles because they were the PR company and I was just the measly little client. Apparently, I was supposed to not be literate enough to notice the grammatical errors, typos, spelling mistakes and weirdly connotated sentences. jeez! It’s happened again today, and I want to wring that woman’s neck!

Nosy, annoying people – ever encountered the kind that are on your chat lists, the kind that cannot be avoided. The kind that sends you messages at the drop of a hat of you changing your status message wanting to know why you’re pissed off with work, etc? They ask the dummest questions, never give up and keep on doing it day in and day out. Haiyo!

Obnoxious people – these ones just act like the world was made for the sole purpose of their existence. They commandeer and order people around to a level that disgusts you, but you cant go to the extreme of telling them off because you possibly are in that social circle not by choice, and your actions might just backfire.