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Disappointments November 27, 2007

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Sometimes, I think I live with too much vigour…

I rarely own up to such accusations, but this is one of those rare moments. I am too eager about new things, too friendly with people I openly assume are ‘kindred’ spirits, ‘too’ everything sometimes.

The two extremes I’ve been told are parts of my personality and will always either make or break me…being broken is hard. Disappointments come quick and hurt terribly. Good things make me feel like there could be nothing better in the world.

The good parts make me feel all golden and warm inside, but the bad parts sometimes, no matter how small they may be, burst wonderfully rainbowy bubbles, break hearts, tears ensue and sometimes make me feel very silly about myself.

Right now, feeling silly…very silly…


Making a quick buck November 8, 2007

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Sri Lanka’s Budget 2008 …bah!