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Parrot Fish April 22, 2008

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So thanks to a wonderful anniversary present from ze husband, I now have a Nikon D70. Yay!

So I will be posting pictures of recent ‘picture-taking’ trips…


This picture is taken at WaterWorld, Biyagama. Its a wonderful, new aquariam, featuring over 14,000 fish and its absolutely pretty. We’ve been there twice now, and this picture is from our first trip. You can read more about WaterWorld here.


Throwing in the towel April 4, 2008

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I’m joining the crowd of quitters…I have exceptionally good reasons.

The news job was heaps of fun, lots of awesome people, 4 great years of going ‘live’. Ahhhhhh! Sigh!

However, things have changed, as things always do. This time, not for the better. I’m not going to bother going into detail, but, decisions have been made, things have been changed and I don’t agree. While I love this job, I don’t need to grovel and beg and plead.

It’s just awful though, how companies never know how to treat their employees properly!