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untitled March 15, 2009

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something i wrote eons ago…

when i see you

all i want to do is kiss you

remember the old times

fairytale times

everythings different now

i’m with someone else

deep down…i still love you

and i still feel the pain

i’m sorry if i hurt you

it hurt me more to let you go

the choice wasnt mine

it never was

they controlled me

there was no escape

i love you…i love you so!

why, why, did i have to let you go?

i love him, i do…there is no future for me and you

then why cant i let you go?

why is it that i still love you so?

messed up, thats what i am

i’m dragging you down with me

i shouldn’t, i mustn’t, i won’t.

i love you…but, its time for me to go!


yay! March 6, 2009

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march it is already, and the gypsy girl points out that i haven’t blogged as yet for the year. so here i am, surrounded by work, but quite happy to be tap-tapping away at the keyboard with a few random thoughts.

the year has been good – fingers and toes crossed, it will be a super year. theatre life seems good and busy! [loud cheer] made lots of new friends, some even of kindred spirit.

my camera and i are running wild, especially with a few newbies, including the cutest flexi tripod! giggle!

career seems to still be a little jigsaw puzzle. but, parts of it are actually proving to be quite successful, while another involves an absolute bitch. but sigh, minus that, and its awesome fun.

i’ve cooked many new things this year. interestingly, most of them, random recipes that looked interesting. one of them, meatloaf!!!!!

i’ve enjoyed every part of this year, and yes, its going to be awesome.

and this weekend, it will be awesome! [happy sigh]