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untitled March 15, 2009

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something i wrote eons ago…

when i see you

all i want to do is kiss you

remember the old times

fairytale times

everythings different now

i’m with someone else

deep down…i still love you

and i still feel the pain

i’m sorry if i hurt you

it hurt me more to let you go

the choice wasnt mine

it never was

they controlled me

there was no escape

i love you…i love you so!

why, why, did i have to let you go?

i love him, i do…there is no future for me and you

then why cant i let you go?

why is it that i still love you so?

messed up, thats what i am

i’m dragging you down with me

i shouldn’t, i mustn’t, i won’t.

i love you…but, its time for me to go!


5 Responses to “untitled”

  1. Oh wow. Felt that one deep in my gut. Very intense. I like!

  2. once loved never have let go of it, no matter if we have moved away from them.. only in body not in soul…or love..

  3. Dishilicious Says:

    i like too!! 🙂 😦

  4. reminds me of my last relationship!! is this wht she wud have written if she ever wrote her feelings…

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