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never alone May 25, 2009

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i hate to eat by myself or sit by myself, anywhere. this is absolute nonsense, because there is nothing wrong with it. but it makes me all conscious and weird-feeling. likewise, i have a constant need to be surrounded by the people i love. awfully dependent i am on them. bunch of people that i must talk to every single day…if not, the day has the potential to be very crappy. probably rises from a deep-seated insecurity of being left alone.

insecurities are alright i suppose. everyone has them. mine probably stems from a loss i hope you never have to experience. my bunch is absolutely loveable.

m-town: this bunch is just awesome. the things we’ve been upto will keep you in stitches for weeks and you might also be absolutely shocked. if we could, we’d probably all share a big, big mansion. it’d work better that way.

extended family: they mean the world to me. they are the coolest beans in the whole wide world. you have to party with us to know exactly how to partay! 🙂

the old ones: this trio i’ve known since i was small. what do they all have in common? they live abroad, far away from me. sigh. the best friend knows everything there is to know. the ‘fretty’ one knows most everything no-one else should know. the ‘ice-cream’ friend, well, lets just say its only for her that i’d stay up at all times of the night just to talk.

jf: they probably don’t call themselves this anymore, but i grew up with most of these boys. love them. managed to get out even a bit thanks to them and their wily ways. its not easy being constantly watched by an entire host of ‘older brothers’ – but really, without them, i’m nothing.

then there are lots of others i’m close to. i’m grateful for each one of them. if not, i’d literally be in pieces.