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yay! March 6, 2009

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march it is already, and the gypsy girl points out that i haven’t blogged as yet for the year. so here i am, surrounded by work, but quite happy to be tap-tapping away at the keyboard with a few random thoughts.

the year has been good – fingers and toes crossed, it will be a super year. theatre life seems good and busy! [loud cheer] made lots of new friends, some even of kindred spirit.

my camera and i are running wild, especially with a few newbies, including the cutest flexi tripod! giggle!

career seems to still be a little jigsaw puzzle. but, parts of it are actually proving to be quite successful, while another involves an absolute bitch. but sigh, minus that, and its awesome fun.

i’ve cooked many new things this year. interestingly, most of them, random recipes that looked interesting. one of them, meatloaf!!!!!

i’ve enjoyed every part of this year, and yes, its going to be awesome.

and this weekend, it will be awesome! [happy sigh]


not again December 15, 2008

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She’s had this shit all her life. She thought she left it behind. Once free from her clutches, life seemed rosy; had new meaning. She wasn’t a tad bit sorry to leave her old life behind. Still isn’t.


at a loss August 28, 2008

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I was at a funeral today…didn’t know him all that well…so I was one of those who stood expressionless, almost wooden. His family was besides themselves in grief. I look at them, and I know I don’t know how they feel; I haven’t lost a father.

As always, the mind begins to wander. I remember how I felt when I lost someone very close to me. Its not a place I like visiting or acknowledging…but this always runs through my mind at funerals. I don’t like going back there. Makes me feel very sad. I’m good at ignoring things like that. Unhealthy I guess, but easier.

Funerals sometimes make me want to cry. But an idiot I would look like if I cried for someone I barely knew, so I stop myself.

No-one else really knows what you’re going through at moments like that. They make you think they know. Those reassuring pats, kisses, holding of hands – they think that’ll make the pain go away. It doesn’t.

They pretend to cry, force unwilling tears to roll down their cheeks, speak mournfully. That irks me!

I hate being on the other side…what do you say to the grieving wife, husband, daughter, son? Deepest sympathies?


Again! August 27, 2008

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Someone, next time, remind me to never go way out and help a friend…because invariably you get bitten, burnt and all of that shit! You do! Trust me!

I helped a friend recently, to such lengths, that I don’t think I’ve ever done before…and what happens? She turns around and accuses me of not doing enough! WTF!

And now it turns out that she’s keeping her distance…sucks doesn’t it? Aren’t the good guys supposed to triumph at the end? Doesn’t the good guy pull through?

Its not like she’s some new acquaintance…I’ve known her for years on end, and we are pretty close…but I think its quite petty to think that this friendship got ruined over such a sordid thing as a boy! Really! How boring! But that’s how it is…for her atleast…

She makes small talk with me, at which I’m enraged…but not in the mood to confront, so I turn monosyllabic. She sends me emails telling me what she thought I should have done…again, not feeling confrontational, so I don’t reply…

Honestly, I’m upset, a wee bit hurt too…but as the man keeps saying…I never learn!

Its true, its happened before.


Crowded spaces irk me! June 19, 2008

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It’s a bit late in the week for this…but post it I will anyways…

The weekend was spent going for drama that I’d rather not comment on…sigh!

So, after an awesome dinner at Sizzle, the gang wants to head over to R&B, which I’m not particularly thrilled about, but the fact that they have an awesome DJ kind of makes it sound better…but man! Wildfire was playing that night…and honestly, in my opinion, they sucked…maybe not their playing or singing, that I’m sure was fine and on par and all of that…but their choice of music just bummed out the party mood…when the DJ spun his music, it was all fine and great…and then Wildfire comes on and everything just zooms down to grossly slow and soppy music, which in my opinion isnt really worth dancing to…

And then, what really irks me is that R&B is so small and there are always way too many people…and on that particular night, there were heaps of weirdos, and dancing was just out of the question, unless, bumping into people would qualify as ‘dancing’. There was an y-indian doing the chicken dance, there was an annoying fat lady with unkempt curly annoying hair that kept brushing on my arm, and it felt gross, there were two guys who insisted on shoving us to get to some place on the dance floor, and then stood stockstill and attempted to have a heart-to-heart!

Why, why, why! Bah!


i. give. up. June 13, 2008

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I don’t take people for granted, but now I end up feeling like I’ve got the shorter end of the stick. Of course I’m spoilt, blah, blah, blah! [grin] But its like I’ve got to work for my supper…and at this point, maybe its the hormones speaking, but frankly, I’ve just had it. I think I have. Sigh. I’ve been accused of being quite indecisive – at times only.

I did make a concious choice to not be affected by all this nonsense, but it does dammit! I’ve heard the whispered oops, seen the exchanged glances, slight traces of guilt splashed across the face and then quickly erased…but I’ve seen them, so there!

I don’t understand. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard to be a part. But I love this bunch very much which makes me feel even worse.

Oh! GAH [as only princesses will put it] All for one, and one for one! Best way to live life I guess!



Bomb in Pettah May 16, 2008

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Suicide bombing at Sambodhi Viharaya in Pettah at 12 noon. Sirasa/MTV News reports 6 dead and around 75 injured. Ada Derana News cites 90 taken to the National Hospital.